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     This is supposed to be my Metal page... Not very cool, ain't it?
     As it is, I have separated it in:

Music, MP3s and Lyrics
          Bands Info, official sites...


     Well, you can still visit The realm of ColdDeadEmptiness, it has some cool MP3s

     Charon's Chronicles, besides its CD and demo reviews, intervews and photo gallery, also has a huge collection of MP3s.

     And if you're searching for cool, new music, then is made for you!

     If you're seeking Metal Lyrics, you might be intersested by The Biggest Metal Lyrics Page in the World (or so it is named). If it is not here, then, it ain't probably anywhere else.


     If you're an Immortal Fan (and even if you're not!), you may be interested in checking my Immortal Laughter page.

     contains links and info for a LOT of bands.

     Here is the official page of Theory in Practice, a cool Technical Death Metal Band.

     Here is the official site of , a... Well, it is difficult to describe Opeth's music. I would say it is excellent Death metal alterning with beautiful, melancolic melodies, blues or folk-like. Very Very Good.

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